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Private Clinic in Wrocław Kmicica 1a

Private Clinic in Wrocław Kmicica 1a

Hello there, I came across your webpage while looking for English speaking doctors on the internet. I am a Canadian student finishing up a semester at Wroclaw University, and I have come down with a nasty case of diarrhea.

I've had it for five days now and took some medicine that helped but didn't make it go away. It's quite painful and I really would like a doctors opinion because I want to go backpacking down to Croatia next week and I can't do that if I'm this ill.

I'm leaving Wroclaw on Friday so I would really like to have an appointment tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday if possible. Please let me know as soon as you can!

  • We can meet at my office
  • 8.00 a.m Wroclaw 1a/1 Kmicica street

Hello Dr Krasnicki, so far the muscle relaxant you gave me is working really nicely and I have no more pain.

But I just realized something and I figured I
should ask because it's a little scary. Celiac disease runs in my family and I was just wondering if it's possible that I am developing symptoms now?

My 30 year old cousin was just diagnosed a few months ago. The symptoms are similar, but I don't want to jump to any conclusions, I just want your opinion.

  • It might be the case, but needs further investigation.
  • After returning to Canada consult with your Doctor.

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Tuberculosis test instructions: TTOL Finnish residence permit
application for an employed person

To Whom It May Concern,

This customer is applying for a work permit to Finland and as part of the process are required to provide a negative tuberculosis test. Included herein are guidelines on what results need to visible in the test as per the requirements of Finnish visa authorities.

Test required: Direct sputum smear microscopy. A sputum smear test is required for this application. A chest radiograph is insufficient even if the customer does not showevidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in their lungs or display other symptoms.The UK visa application guideline for a chest radiograph x-ray does not comply with the requirements for a Finnish work permit, hence a sputum smear is the only valid test in proving a negative tuberculosis result.

The test must contain the following information, worded at your own discretion, but in aclear and direct manner: the smear test results for tuberculosis are negative. A mention such as “no acid fast basilli found” is not sufficient.
We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in fulfilling these requirements. This is to ensure that the customer gets valid test results, expediting their visa application

If you require further information, feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely,

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Apr 10, 2013
Occupational Health Doctor Required
by: Anonymous

Hello Dr Krasnicki

I work for an occupational health company in the UK and we have a client that employs a large number of Polish workers. They are finding that, on a number of occasions, the Polish employee has gone back to Poland to visit family or have a holiday and then instead of returning to work in the UK they are sending a sickness certificate back to their UK employer. Some of the sickness certificates have been for a few months duration.

Therefore we are looking for an occupational health doctor in Poland that would be able to assess these employees and tell us whether you consider them to be fit or not to return to work.

Is this something you would be able to help us with? I will wait to hear from you.
Many thanks

First I would like to thank you for your interest in my Company

I would be more than happy to cooperate with your company, and
assist you in your efforts.

But you have to take into account, that I'm not
entitled to assess sick leave on a Polish employee during the illness
/according to Polish Law only certified doctors of Social Insurance Institution ZUS
are allowed/

It doesn't apply to return to work
/pprocesses and procedures that are followed prior to an injured / ill employee returning to

But if it's somehow allowed by British Law or your company policies
we can discuss the issue.

My company is an OH Center in Wroclaw

Recently I returned from Oil & Gas UK Doctors Training Workshop
Falck Nutec, Foinavon Close, Aberdeen

so I'm rather familiar with your needs

Dariusz Krasnicki

@Thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail. I have taken on board what you have told me about certified doctors etc. and I think we will advise our client to look at altering their Policy on sickness absence instead of trying to employ a doctor in Poland. I think it may turn out to be easier that way.

Thanks again, kind regards

I could've help you to facilitate
request from British Companies
to Polish Social Insurance Institution ZUS

to examine sick employees and asses the need for sick leave.

It's a standard procedure, that is used by Polish Companies
for their employee and about 20% of sick leaves is terminated


Dec 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi i have been on my period for a bout 3days now and i am hevey it is comeing out a bit clotey and i am geting pains but when i had my 2nd baby i lost 3pints of blood and in febuery i had anbourshon and lost 3pints of blood then what can i do to stop the bleeding plz help me

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